Denver Cardiologists reveal great Colorado Avalanche Promotions

At South Denver Cardiology, our Denver cardiologists are huge fans of Denver, and even bigger fans of Denver sports teams. With the Denver Broncos off to the Super Bowl, the city couldn’t be more thrilled. But let’s not give the Broncos all the limelight. Let’s not forget the amazing streak the Colorado Avalanche have been on since the beginning of the NHL season. Having only lost 13 games to 49 wins, the Colorado Avalanche have been doing winning on the ice and our Denver cardiologists couldn’t be more ecstatic.

So why not show your support for the team by considering one of many promotions going on across the city for our team? Students everywhere should especially be excited. On Friday, February 28th, the Avalanche will play their heated rival in the Phoenix Coyotes in Denver. In light of this anticipated match-up, the Colorado Avalanche is giving away $15 upper-level tickets with a valid student ID. Each ID can purchase up to two tickets, and the tickets can only be purchased on game day. Not a student? Don’t worry, there are other amazing deals going on for that specific game. KYGO 98.5 FM is giving away a Puck Pack for the game against the Coyotes. Can’t make it on February 28th? KYGO is also offering a Puck Pack versus the Boston Bruins on March 21st. The pack includes 2 lower bowl tickets, 2 Pepsi drinks or beers, and a $10 Altitude Authentic Gift Card, all for $98.50.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on these deals immediately, and come support the home team. We’ll be cheering all Denver teams with you!

How To Use This Information

 Stress can be taxing on both the body and the heart, so it’s important to go out and live a little to wash away the stress. Watching an enticing sports match can do just that. Go out and have fun, bring some friends, and leave your troubles at home. At South Denver Cardiology, we always remind our patients to have fun when they can, and try to just enjoy life. When you start reducing stress in your life, the effects are sure enough to be seen. Get a check-up today with one of our Denver cardiologists and see if you need to reduce stress in your life. Maybe you will even get a prescription to become a spectator at the next big Avalanche game.