Colorado Heart Healthy Tips: How To Make New Friends

At a certain point in life, you start to wonder how it could have become so much harder to make friends. Essentially after your college or high school years, you’re caught working frequently and aren’t really surrounding yourself with the kinds of social circles that are conducive to making friends. While not making more friends may not bother people, studies have shown that people with bigger social circles are more likely to live past 65. Part of the reason for this is friends help make you feel good and decompress, mitigating stress in your life and effectively keeping your heart healthier. In Colorado, heart health is very important, especially to our cardiologists. Here are some great ways to make friends:

1- Join a club or organization. Joining a club or organization can be a great way to make new friends because it surrounds you with people that have similar interests as you. Having those shared interests can make it easier to break the ice and begin conversing with some of those people. Moreover, organizations and clubs tend to meet frequently, allowing for repeated iterations of talking to these people until you’re able to forge a friendship. You can find local clubs or organizations through online postings, town bulletins, or even just be word of mouth.

2- Join an online forum. Social media has allowed people to connect that otherwise wouldn’t have ten years ago. What that means is you can meet somebody who shares most of your interests that happens to live on the complete other side of the world. Barring any language barriers, you can begin conversing almost immediately. Social media sites make it incredibly easy to meet people digitally in the way that a stranger’s posts are easily accessible and commendable. Repeated interactions with an account or common posts can allow for repeated iterations of speaking, often leading to a new friendship. While it may be difficult to effectively see that person face-to-face, making an online friend can still be better than making none.

3- Go to parties and festivals. Parties and festivals are thrown by both individual people and organizations. While these events can be a huge source of stress in some ways, it is still a fantastic way to meet new people. Part of the reason for that is most of the people who are there are in a very social mood, making them easy to converse with. Furthermore, the added fact of not being forced to see some of the people again is that if you don’t hit it off with someone, it likely will have no bearing on your own social circle; and if you do, then you will both make a concerted effort to see each other again in order to see if a friendship could be there.

4- Speak to people in the open. This is often the most anxious-riddled activity that unsociable people are told to do. Understandably, speaking to someone while waiting in line or at the library can be nerve wracking because that person may simply not be interested in talking to anybody. But Denverites are known for being very friendly, and most people will be happy to make small-talk in the open world. No need to be nosy, just a casual comment about the weather or the local sports team can yield a conversation. Sometimes that small-talk can last for hours and suddenly you’ve made a friend.

How To Use This Information

 Making friends can be very healthy for your psyche, and can lead to lower incidences of mood or anxiety disorders that can negatively impact your heart health. Being happy in life can prolong it, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to live as long as possible. If you’re concerned about your stress’ effect on your health lately, or just simply want more advice on making friends, then feel free to request an appointment with us by calling at 303-744-1065, or visiting our website here.