What Causes Heart Disease? South Denver Cardiology Discusses the Role of Stress

Beat Those Post-Holiday Blues

What causes heart disease?

It’s not just unhealthy eating, genetics, or even a lack of exercise! What’s on your mind can have a pretty big impact as well! The holidays are approaching and that means things are getting busy. Work obligations, family commitments, finances, travel, and tight schedules all have a way of piling up right around this time. No matter what it is that’s causing you anxiety, it’s important to take time to unwind in order to not only save your sanity, but protect your heart health!

Cardiovascular health can really decline in the presence of chronic stress. It’s important not to overlook how big a role stress has in shaping your quality of life and overall health. Try some of this tips to unwind in order to keep your heart in good shape:

  • Get enough sleep: There’s nothing that will make you feel quite as frazzled as being sleep deprived. Set a reasonable bed time for yourself and stick to it! Getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night is great for your overall health, and helps you better manage stressful situations.


  • Talk it out: It’s easy to think that you should just power through and never stop to reflect or share your problems. After all, everyone has enough on their plates, right? Actually, that’s not the case! Taking the time to talk with a loved one about your problems gives them the opportunity to open up, as well. Constructive venting helps you realize that you’re not alone, and getting some feedback about your problems can help you see new solutions. Plus, taking time to be with friends and family actually helps de-stress you, even if it seems like just another thing to schedule.


  • Make a to-do list: Each night, figure out what you need to accomplish the next day and write it all down. It will help you sleep knowing you’re organized for the next day, and gives you clear, manageable goals that you can achieve.


  • Take the time to unwind: Whatever it is you like doing—yoga, running, painting, listening to music, or meeting a friend for coffee—make sure to do it! Don’t lose sight of your own needs during the busy holiday season. Making time for the things you love doing will help keep your mind steady, allowing you to be more present at celebrations and more productive when you are working.


  • Exercise: Not only is exercise good for your heart, it’s doubly healthy because it helps your mind as well! Exercise releases endorphins that make you more cheerful, less stressed, and help you to sleep better and focus more when working.


  • Don’t be too hard on yourself: It’s easier said than done, but cut yourself a break! This is a busy time for everyone. Even if you’re busy making sure you have everything in order, allow yourself to enjoy the holidays, as well.

It’s important to try to mitigate your stress in order to maintain your cardiovascular health. Use these stress-busting techniques to keep you happy and healthy this holiday season!

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