Go Red for Women Month! Stay Active, Even at a Desk Job!

Go Red for Women Month

Did you know that 1 in 3 women die of heart disease or stroke, making it the biggest killer of women? February is Go Red For Women month, which aims to spread awareness and encourage healthy living. February 6th is national wear red day, so don’t forget to break out your best red to support cardiovascular health awareness this month! Learn about heart attack symptoms in women.

So, what causes heart disease? A big factor is not staying active. Many women and men who may be impacted by heart disease spend the majority of the time sitting down at their desks. But working so much takes a toll on your heart! All of that sedentary time can be problematic. Learn how to stay active, even at your desk, in honor of Go Red for Women this February!

  • Park far—really far!—away: Start your morning with a brisk walk across the parking lot! Every step counts!
  • Take the stairs: If you work in an office building, every time you have to change floors is an opportunity to squeeze in a little movement!
  • Walk every hour: Set a reminder on your phone to get up every hour and walk around the office. This can be good for your work environment, too! Say hi to people and check in to foster a positive environment and keep communication going, and get on your feet!
  • Sit on an exercise ball: Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a traditional chair helps your posture and keeps your core muscles in action.
  • Leg raises: While you’re sitting, straighten your legs so that they’re out in front of you, hold for five to ten seconds, and then lower your legs without touching the floor. Repeat this throughout the day to keep your leg muscles active.
  • Stretch at your desk: Take a stretching break every hour or so! It will keep you loose and active.
  • Spend your lunch break walking: Instead of eating at your desk, walk outside and eat your lunch on a bench, or head out to grab a sandwich. Breaking up your sitting will help you feel more lively.
  • Schedule exercise: It can be tough to come home for a long day and find the motivation to exercise, but joining a gym, signing up for an exciting fitness class, or making a hiking or skiing date on the weekend can help you build exercise into your life!

Stay active, even at your desk, and don’t forget to Go Red for Women month and show your support by wearing red on February 6th.

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