South Denver Cardiology New State-of-the-Art Life-Saving Treatments

Helping to Improve the Way the Heart Pumps

Dr. Dauber helping improve the way the heart pumpsDr. Sundaram helping to improve the way the heart pumpsSouth Denver Cardiology is a cutting-edge practice! The latest copy of Porter Adventist Hospital’s Vibrant magazine (page 4 and 5) features Ira Dauber, MD and Sri Sundaram, MD and their newest state-of-the-art procedures. Dr. Dauber has a new life-saving treatment for congestive heart failure, and Dr. Sundaram is one of the first physicians to implant a leadless pacemaker that weighs less than a penny.

Clinical Trials at Porter Adventist Hospital

Cardiologists at Porter Adventist Hospital are participating in patient trials to test devices that help improve the way the heart pumps:

  • BioControl Medical CardioFit® – a device used in patients with congestive heart failure that stimulates the vagus nerve to help calm the heart and make it beat more efficiently.
  • St. Jude Medical Nanostim™ Pacemaker – the world’s first leadless pacemaker that is implanted directly into the heart through a catheter (small tube) to help regulate a person’s heartbeat.

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