Stay Active in Winter: Go Cross-Country Skiing!

You might struggle to follow your heart doctor’s advice to keep active in the winter. When you look outside at the snowy ground, it may not seem like winter is a sporty season, but with cross-country skiing—also called Nordic skiing—you can stay active even during the coldest time of the year! Switch up your gym routine and head to the great outdoors. Here’s why you should strap on a pair of cross-country skis this season!

 Benefits of cross-country skiing:


  • Incredible calorie burn! Cross-country skiing can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. Those results are unmatched by popular exercises such as running and swimming.
  • Low-impact exercise: Unlike some types of exercise, such as jogging or many team sports like basketball and soccer, cross-country skiing is not hard on your joints. This makes cross-country skiing a great sport for all ages, because it’s gentle on knees and hips, but still provides a vigorous workout.
  • Heart and lung health: The cardiovascular impact of cross-country skiing is huge because cross- country skiing creates a sustained period of elevated heart rate. Like other forms of aerobic exercise, this is great for whole body fitness and especially cardiovascular health.
  • Peace of mind: Cross-country skiing is absolutely stunning. Gliding through the chilly snow- covered mountains will reenergize you. The winter air clears your mind, and the exercise-induced endorphin rush improves mood and reduces stress levels.


Here is a list of some of the best places for cross country skiing to check out in Colorado! Try any Nordic center at a major ski resort, and you’ll be directed to beautiful cross-country skiing trails that are also great for other winter recreation, like snowshoeing! Some particular favorites are Crested Butte Nordic Center, and, closer to the metro Denver area, Frisco Nordic Center, which boasts beautiful trails along Lake Dillon through the White River National Forest.

How to Use this Information

If you have any questions about your cardiovascular health, talk to the heart doctors at South Denver Cardiology! Your heart doctor will work with you to find a routine to keep you active even in the winter months. Schedule an appointment today.


Have you ever been cross-country skiing? What winter activities do you enjoy?