Aim for Wholeness

Aim for Wholeness - South Denver Cardiology

Many people seek out and desire happiness. But, sometimes just seeking happiness alone can lead to only short-term satisfaction. That is why having a goal of wholeness, versus simply happiness, will help lead to more of a life-fulfilling happiness that will reduce stress, which we all know is a leading cause of heart disease.  As we go into the New Year, perhaps a stress reducing and healthy resolution for your heart health can be to begin focusing more on the concept of wholeness in your life.

Happiness versus Wholeness

Happiness is something everyone wants and there are lots of ways people can feel happy. However, happiness is often short and fleeting. It is, at its core, an emotional state of being. It is like watching your favorite comedy on television or having a nice stroll on a beach. You feel great during that moment, but it is over in a little while. Happiness is a by-product of those things, but not a true jumping off point that is more life changing and sustainable.

Wholeness, on the other hand, is more than just being happy. In workplaces, we see CEOs looking for ways to make employees “happy”. But, many companies are now shifting focus to enable employees to have jobs that are more of a calling or vocation versus a job description and list of tasks. This creates more collaboration, increased productivity, feelings of ownership and pride. And, yes, overall more happiness as employees embrace their work as something that is an extension of their purpose and personality.

Seeking and aiming for wholeness is about seeking out a purpose and re-calibrating around your strengths and passions. For example, if you love working with kids, volunteer at a school, volunteer to coach a team or offer to be a mentor. If you have a passion for helping those in need, help out at a local shelter or deliver meals. As a result, you will find a deeper sense of satisfaction in all you do including your personal relationships and vocation. In fact, sometimes these can lead to finding a more purpose-driven and fulfilling career. Along the way, you will find yourself being more authentic with those around you and people will naturally be drawn to you. They will see there is something different in who you are and they will want to get to know you. Plus, when you find what makes you come alive and you seek out doing that, you will feel more than just happy. You will feel fulfilled and whole.

How to Use This Information

At South Denver Cardiology, we want you to feel fulfilled in all you do. And, yes, happy! Doing so will tremendously help reduce stress which is great for a healthy heart. We do know, however, that stress is a normal part of life, but too much can be bad. Our stress testing can help see how you are doing. For more information, call (303) 744-1065 or contact us online.