South Denver Cardiology

Grilling Tips for Heart Health

Summer is grilling season, and this year, as we continue the battle against coronavirus, we have a feeling those backyard getaways are going to be more and more critical. While doing what we can to stay safe is incredibly important, it’s also essential to pay attention to all the aspects of your health, including your heart health. So if you’ve decided this is your year... Read More

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

A lot is happening right now, and sometimes taking it all in can be overwhelming. Add that to the daily pressures of life, the lessened state of physical activity, and the fact that a typical American diet doesn’t do much to help our health, and you have a recipe for higher blood pressure. If you have dealt with or are dealing with high blood pressure... Read More

Staying Upbeat and Active While Staying Home

Even as the country starts to open back up slowly, people are staying home more, for their safety and health and the safety and health of frontline workers. Still, staying home so much can be tough on mental and physical wellbeing. If you’re struggling with maintaining positive mental health and your typical exercise routines have fallen to the wayside with the closings of gyms, here... Read More

Heart Failure Treatment: High Blood Pressure

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Untreated high blood pressure over time can cause significant damage to the heart. We often don’t realize that our blood pressure (BP) is high. This is why high BP (hypertension)  is called “the silent killer”. The problem with high BP is that it often goes untreated.  One often feels ok until the BP gets very high.  Think of the BP as a... Read More

Telemedicine in the Time of COVID-19

There’s no denying that our world has changed drastically in the last few weeks. As members of the healthcare field, we’ve seen the far reaches of this virus and have been lucky to have the means to adjust accordingly. Over the last three weeks, we have made some significant changes in how we operate to align with all necessary social distancing guidelines and to minimize... Read More

Exercise Tips for Limited Mobility

Finding the motivation to exercise regularly isn’t always easy, and that’s especially true when you’re dealing with limited mobility. Whether your limited mobility is the result of an accident, injury, condition, or aging, there are still plenty of ways to get and stay active. And the best part? Commitment to exercise, even with limited mobility, can help your muscles bounce back faster in many cases.... Read More

Squeezing in Winter Workouts

Working out when the temperatures are cold and the weather turns wintry is pretty much the last thing a lot of us want to do. This time of year, it seems far more attractive to stay cozied up under blankets than it does to get out there and stay active. However, cardiovascular health doesn’t take a break, and that means you shouldn’t take a break... Read More

Setting Heart Healthy Goals for 2020

New Year’s Resolutions, the end of another year, the end of a whole decade. This year, the last couple of weeks have people looking at their habits, goals, and accomplishments in a whole different light. Whether you’ve been working on your health consistently for a while now, or have run into some health hiccups that have left you looking for a change, setting health-related goals... Read More

Tips to Keep the Weight off Over the Holidays

We’re right in the thick of it now – the holiday season, the holiday parties, and all the sugary-sweet, calorie-laden goodies that so often go along with it. If you’re staring down a calendar filled with get-togethers that will include platters of things you’d be happy to dive headfirst into if it weren’t for two things – your waistline and your health – then these... Read More

Heart Attack Symptoms and Signs

Are Those Symptoms of Heartburn or Heart Attack?

If you’ve ever had a severe case of heartburn and wondered if something much scarier was happening, you’re not alone. Many people mistake indigestion for heart attacks every year. Unfortunately, when it ends up being heartburn, and you’re handed the bill for the emergency room, you’re hesitant ever to take those symptoms seriously again. That’s why it’s important to know the differences, however slight, between... Read More