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Lipid Clinic

Guests who visit the Lipid Clinic at South Denver Cardiology Associates (SDCA) are already under the care of one of the physicians in our practice.

Guests who need more complex medications are taking more than one class of medications or are or intolerance to past medication treatments can enjoy a longer period of one-on-one care by coming to the Lipid Clinic.

During a visit with the staff of the Lipid Clinic, guests will review their medications options (prescriptions and natural alternatives). The visit also covers the different ways lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress management, personal history play into their treatment plan.

  • Total cholesterol
  • LDL
  • HDL
  • Triglycerides
  • Blood sugar
  • Liver function

The fast access to data that comes from using Cholestech allows guest to work with the Lipid Clinic staff to form a treatment plan during their visit. This eliminates the need for follow up appointments.

Call 303-744-1065 with any questions or request an appointment online.