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Valve Clinic

The Valve Clinic at the South Denver Heart Center (SDHC) specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of severe Aortic Stenosis.

The philosophy of the Valve Clinic mirrors the integrated approach taken by the rest of the departments at the SDHC. Guests of the clinic will receive a multi-disciplinary approach to designing their care plan. They will meet with a cardiothoracic surgeon and an interventional cardiology in the same office visit.

This approach to patient care gets everything a guest of the SDHC will need in one place. They will be able to discuss treatment options that may include surgical, medication or the groundbreaking Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) program. TAVR is a procedure that is performed through a catheter that is inserted into the patient’s groin, that provides a treatment for patients with aortic stenosis considered too high of a risk for open-heart surgery. The procedure is similar to a cardiac stent, instead, a stent-like device is deployed across the aortic valve creating a wider opening. TAVR received FDA approved in fall of 2011. The physicians of the South Denver Heart Center in collaboration with Colorado Cardiovascular Surgical Associates are able to offer their patients this groundbreaking technology.

Our 100th case! December 2017 (Dr. Lee MacDonald & Dr. Sean Enkiri)






Image Props: Michael Thompson, BS, RN, Edwards Transcatheter Heart Valves

The Valve Clinic allows guests will be able to set up any supporting care, diagnostic testing or follow up with the same doctors and nurses in the same location.

The long-term goal of the clinic is to offer treatment for other heart valves in addition to the current specialization in aortic valve treatment.