Celebrating Wellness

Walk with a Doc- Now at South Denver Cardiology

Exercise is Medicine! Studies have consistently shown the numerous benefits of having an active lifestyle versus a sedentary lifestyle. Often we have the mindset that going on a walk won’t be enough to make a difference in our health, but that isn’t the case at all. Taking that first step towards living a healthier life can be difficult, but it could be the life change... Read More

Best Walking Trails in Denver

Improving your health, especially your cardio health, doesn’t always come quickly. Often, and especially if you’re facing health issues or recently suffered from a heart attack or stroke, it can feel monumental to merely get up and walk around. Recovery or building a foundation for cardiovascular strength and endurance doesn’t have to be a race to clock the most miles or at the best pace.... Read More

Raising Awareness Even After Heart Month Ends

With February coming to a close, and all the Heart Month hype starting to die down, we wanted to take a moment to consider the reason behind Heart Month and how you can keep raising awareness and arming yourself with knowledge year round. Cardiac programs all across the country get excited and busy, busy, busy in February with all the events, fundraisers, and education surrounding... Read More

The 5 Most Amazing Hidden Gems in Colorado You Need to See

Hidden Colorado Gems With Colorado’s ever-increasing population, it’s no surprise that places are becoming more and more crowded. Some of the best hiking spots for getting your sweat on with amazing views are often so packed on the weekends that it’s not even worth it to make the trek these days. But when the weather is nice and the sun is shining, your Denver Heart... Read More

Our Colorado Rockies: Is This the Year?

Image By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA (Colorado Rockies) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons Our boys of summer are back at it! The 2017 Colorado Rockies are looking pretty good with a lot of upside this year. And, while in years past, the Rockies were a little tough to tolerate, it is still hard to beat watching a ballgame at 20th and... Read More

Celebrating Spring in Colorado

Spring is right around the corner. In fact, with the recent weather, it seems as though spring sprung in February! But, we also know that we can get some crazy winter weather in the next several weeks. Regardless, spring is a great time here in Colorado and a great opportunity to get out and enjoy a little warmer weather and sunshine. We have some great... Read More

Dr. JEB Burchenal Summits Mt. Denali 20,310 ft

Dr. JEB Burchenal is one of our interventional cardiologists who to say the least, loves exercise and the outdoors. He is a avid endurance runner and has competed in several ultramarathons, 50k and 100 miles races. Not all 100 miles races are alike as he competed in the Leadville 100 and finishing it in 29 hours. If that’s not enough of a challenge Jeb has run... Read More

Summer Activities for the Grandkids

Summer Activities for Grandkids in Denver

Fun and Healthy Summer Activity Ideas for the Grandkids With the summer quickly approaching, it means that school will soon be out. For some of us, it also means that we will be hosting out-of-town family including some grandkids. While it is always fun to have the kids visiting, we also know that it can be exhausting without a good plan to help entertain them... Read More

Heart healthy winter activities - South Denver Cardiology

Winter Activities

Looking for something new to do this winter? We have some great ideas that can keep you moving and your heart healthy. While we know that it can be harder, in the winter, to get motivated to go outside and do things, we hope that you give some of these heart healthy winter activities a try. After all, we live in Colorado, a true winter’s... Read More

See The World! Bucket List Destinations & Trips

See The World! Bucket List Destinations & Trips

With each New Year comes resolutions. While many have resolutions of better health, which we fully endorse as your heart-healthy experts, others may have different ones. Many of you may have “bucket list” items that include travel. To help, we have put together some must-see international trips and destinations. Perhaps a couple of these will be part of your plans for the New Year. Rhine... Read More