Celebrating Wellness

Denver Cardiologists Enjoy Nuggets Events!

Fall is now fully upon us, which means that the basketball season has started! There’s nothing more exhilarating than going to a fast-paced professional basketball game, and Colorado’s very own Denver Nuggets definitely will not disappoint! The Denver cardiologists of South Denver Cardiology are revving up for a great season ahead. Following the official first game on Wednesday, October 29th against Detroit, the Nuggets will... Read More

Denver Cardiologists Encourage Embracing Tranquility with Painting and Drawing

We all know how hectic life can get: kids, jobs, errands, money worries, and a lengthy to-do list can quickly add up and overwhelm even the calmest person. However, as cardiologists know all too well, all of that tension takes a toll on the body. There’s a clear link between stress levels and heart health. Feelings of stress cause a response in the sympathetic nervous system,... Read More

Colorado Heart Healthy Tips: How To Make New Friends

At a certain point in life, you start to wonder how it could have become so much harder to make friends. Essentially after your college or high school years, you’re caught working frequently and aren’t really surrounding yourself with the kinds of social circles that are conducive to making friends. While not making more friends may not bother people, studies have shown that people with... Read More

Denver Cardiologists Recommend a Trip to Mesa Verde

Colorado simply has to be the most beautiful state in the country. There is simply so much to see and the best thing about most of it is that many destinations require a hike to visit. Hiking is an excellent physical activity for the body, and our Denver cardiologists always recommend the activity to our patients in the summer. Perhaps one of the best hikes... Read More

Heart Doctors List Races in The Denver Area This Summer

Summer is almost here, and our heart doctors couldn’t be more excited. Summer means we have a chance to go outside and enjoy the warm weather to our heart’s content, and what better way to do that than to find and train for an upcoming race. Races are fantastic goals to train for because it encourages good eating habits as well as cardiovascular exercise. And... Read More

Denver Cardiologists Explain What, Where, and When to Hike

Summer is nearly upon us, and with summer comes all the outdoor physical activities that ever Coloradan loves. The Denver cardiologists at South Denver Cardiology love this time of year for two reasons. For them, it’s not only a chance to get outside and away from the office, but also a time for their patients to do the same. Physical activity is vital to good... Read More

Five Restaurants our Denver Cardiologists Would Recommend

Eating out can be a treat, and when you’re watching your heart health it can be a difficult treat to swallow. Fortunately for those of us in the Denver area, there are at least five great restaurants in Denver that our cardiologists would recommend for good heart health. After all, Denver is considered one of the healthiest cities in America, and many great restaurants in... Read More

Colorado Heart Doctors Explain Love’s Effect On The Body

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, spring romances are almost upon us, and your favorite Colorado Heart doctors have decided to describe the biological processes that occur when one is in love. Love isn’t just a mindset, actual chemical reactions occur at the neurological level that begins to affect several parts of our body. First of all, at a chemical level, the state of attraction... Read More

Denver Cardiologists Recommend A Trip To Denver’s Zoo Lights

Another year passes by, and hopefully, your entire family has remained healthy throughout the year. The Denver cardiologists at South Denver Cardiology believe in celebrating good health by enjoying life with the people you love most. That’s why, as the door begins to shut on 2013, we recommend you take the opportunity to take the kids to one of Denver’s most eye-opening events of the... Read More

Stop and Smell the Roses: Creating Beauty All Around Us

“You should really stop and smell the roses!” I’m sure that you’ve heard that line a time or two in your life. Maybe it hasn’t been directed at you (and maybe it has) but it’s a good fact of life to live by. This phrase is typically used in the U.S. and its meaning is simple: take time to appreciate a situation or slow down... Read More