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Proof That Taking a CPR Class is Worth The Time

There’s no doubt that CPR saves lives. Take a look at this statistic: About 92 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital. If more people knew how to perform CPR, this statistic would decrease – dramatically! CPR is easy to learn and everyone should know the basics of this life saving technique because 80 percent of all cardiac arrest happen at... Read More

Denver Cardiologist: Heart Healthy Party Ideas for Summer

Summer is the season of pool parties, neighborhood BBQ’s, weddings, and festivals. With so many events, it is easy to ditch your healthy habits in favor of massive spreads of food and sweet desserts. When hosting a summer bash, celebrate wellness with these tips from Denver cardiologists for a healthier summer party. There is no need to ditch crowd favorites altogether when trying to serve... Read More

Ways to slow the aging process - South Denver Cardiology

Celebrating Wellness: Learn Ways to Slow The Aging Process

While getting older is inevitable, we can have a great deal of control on how getting older affects our mind and body. There is a significant amount of research that points to the impact diet, sleep, exercise and other lifestyle choices have on how we age. Diet: Look to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat at each meal. Substituting fish for animal... Read More