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How to Lose that Extra Holiday Weight the Heart Healthy Way

Lose Holiday Weight: 4 Easy Tips The holiday season is coming to a close, and you may be wondering what the heck happened. Whether it was little indulgences that added up or a couple of all-out, no-holds-barred “cheat days,” if you’re looking at a new, larger waistline and trying to figure out what to do about it, here are some tips on how to lose... Read More

4 Ways to Set Health Resolutions That Actually Last

It’s officially here – the season of “New Year, New You” and resolutions and big plans for big changes in the next 365 days. One of the biggest categories in which people always plan on improving their lives every time New Year’s Eve rolls around is bettering their health and fitness. It’s a noble resolution and one definitely worth striving for, but where so many... Read More

Happy Retirement Planning

Heart Healthy Retirement Planning Tips In today’s world where the question often turns to when you’ll financially be ready to retire, it’s easy to overlook the fact that financial security, while important, does not guarantee your retired days will be carefree and happy. Preparing for a truly enjoyable retirement has to go beyond the number in your bank account at the end of the day.... Read More

What You Can Do Now to Keep Stress Low This Holiday Season

Reduce Holiday Stress The holidays are just around the corner, and that sentence alone probably spiked some serious stress in a lot of you. We get it, the holidays, as great as they can be, can also be a stressful mess if we’re not careful. To avoid stress-related symptoms and a complete burnout, it’s worth it to take a few easy steps now to help... Read More

fall reads

Great Fall Reads

The cooler temperatures and earlier sunsets that accompany fall make for the perfect reading season, and with the perfect reading season comes a batch of great fall reading suggestions. Because we’re all about health, happiness, and a balanced, heart-healthy lifestyle here at South Denver Cardiology, we thought we’d offer up some great fall reads books for your consideration. Reading has been proven to decrease stress... Read More

Heart Health Tips

Heart Healthy Hacks 

Heart Health Tips Heart health is the culmination of a number of factors. It seems extremely complicated, and in some ways, it is. It’s a series of intricate systems that pretty much keep your body doing what it needs to day in and day out. But even though there’s a lot involved, there are some seriously simple ways to hack your way to a healthier... Read More

Everyday Things to Burn Calories

Did you know, that for an average person, you must burn 3,500 calories to lose one pound of weight? That seems like a lot, especially since to maintain weight, most people need 2,000 calories per day to just maintain weight. To lose weight, many people only take in 1,500 calories per day and then seek to burn 2,000 calories a day. Doing this for seven... Read More

It is Heart Month – What Can You Do?

We love February, and not just because of Valentine’s Day. Rather, it is because February is heart month. We use February as an opportunity to commit to a heart healthy lifestyle and promote ways to make changes that can lead to a lifetime of heart health. As it is heart month, what are some ways you can make small changes that will make a big... Read More

Stroke versus Heart Attack Symptoms

If you spotted someone in distress, would you be able to identify stroke versus heart attack symptoms? Most people feel that they could readily identify heart attack symptoms, however, as we discussed several months ago, women’s heart attack symptoms can be more subtle than men’s symptoms, but nonetheless very serious. When we think about a stroke, those symptoms may also be very subtle. In fact, many... Read More

Keep Laughing – It’s Good for Your Heart

You may have heard the expression that laughter is the best medicine. And, indeed, laughing can make almost anyone feel instantly better from a psychological point of view. But, did you know that laughing can help with your physical health, including your heart? As your Denver heart doctors, we want to let you know about some of the heart healthy benefits of laughter. But first,... Read More