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Keeping Your Brain in Shape - South Denver Cardiology

Keeping Your Brain in Shape

We have all heard the old saying of “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” That implies that as you age, it is harder to learn new skills. However, when it comes to brain fitness and keeping your brain in shape, that saying holds little merit. The brain continues to be one of the most fascinating organs in the human body. It is one... Read More

Coming to the Heart Center Guest Speaker-Joe Ostaszewski NBC’s Biggest Loser Finalist

Join us on June 22nd at 11 am for guest speaker Joe Ostaszewski- “Powerful Patient… Why Health is the Ultimate Human Performance” The Powerful Patient is designed to help patients see themselves as high level performers in their own healthcare rather than passive participants.  Former Biggest Loser finalist, Joe Ostaszewski shares the lessons he learned from his experience and his ongoing quest for personal health.  Joe... Read More

Who has the most stressful job? South Denver Cardiology

Who Has The Most Stressful Job? The Least Stressful Job?

So, you think your job is stressful? It may very well be. And, ongoing stress is a contributing factor to what causes heart disease. As your Denver cardiologist, we encourage you to treat and reduce stress. And, in some cases it may mean cutting back on your job duties or even encouraging you to look into a different profession entirely. Each year CareerCast puts out... Read More

Favorite books to make you feel good - South Denver Cardiology

Favorite Books to Make You Feel Good

When it comes to heart health and what causes heart disease, we spend a lot of time talking about eating healthy and staying fit. But, sometimes it’s just plain old good medicine that feeds your minds and uplifts you that can be some of the best medicine. And, in the winter months, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with something warm... Read More

Signs you are feeling overwhelmed - South Denver Cardiology

Signs You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

While for many, the New Year can mark the start of new beginnings, for others it can feel overwhelming. Much of this is due to coming off of the euphoria and relaxed pace of the holiday season and even the pressure of having to try and keep up on New Year resolutions. The fact is, come January, the normalcy of life returns; it is winter,... Read More

Aim for Wholeness - South Denver Cardiology

Aim for Wholeness

Many people seek out and desire happiness. But, sometimes just seeking happiness alone can lead to only short-term satisfaction. That is why having a goal of wholeness, versus simply happiness, will help lead to more of a life-fulfilling happiness that will reduce stress, which we all know is a leading cause of heart disease.  As we go into the New Year, perhaps a stress reducing... Read More

The Health Benefits of Forgiveness - South Denver Cardiology

Practicing Forgiveness as a Path to Heart Health

We talk a lot about how your diet and exercise habits can affect your heart health as they are a significant factor in what causes heart disease—but what about your emotions? At South Denver Cardiology, we offer stress testing, since stress is known to be a major contributing factor to heart disease. One thing that this stress testing reveals time and time again is grudges,... Read More

Tips on combating depression

Tips on Combating Depression

Depression is a difficult condition to understand, but even more difficult to combat. Although depression has existed as a mental condition throughout human history, it is only in the last century or less that we have identified it as a condition that can be diagnosed, combated, and potentially cured. As mental health professionals continue learning about depression, medical professionals have taken it more and more... Read More

7 Health Benefits of Meditation - South Denver Cardiology

7 Health Benefits of Meditation

Tension has been proven time and time again to negatively affect your whole body, particularly your heart. All types of stress can do damage. Depression and social isolation are linked to high blood pressure, as is intense professional stress and family stress. Stress and anxiety are also associated with what causes heart disease. This is why it is so important to find healthy coping mechanisms... Read More

Tips for heart healthy grilling this summer - South Denver Cardiology

Tips for Heart Healthy Grilling

Summer is barbecue season! There’s nothing like getting the gang together for a good old-fashioned cookout. However, all of that meat can be fatty and high in cholesterol, which isn’t good news for your heart. Luckily, there are other options that can allow you to grill all summer long with your ticker in mind! Here are some fun and easy ideas to try this summer:... Read More