How We Are Making a Difference

Nanostim - Leadless Pacemaker

South Denver Cardiology First in Pacemaker Technology

Dr. Sri Sundaram, MD with South Denver Cardiology is one of only a few in the nation and the only cardiologist in Colorado implanting the state-of-the-art Nanostim™ leadless pacemaker. Nanostim™ leadless pacemaker is the world’s first commercially available leadless pacemaker and one that is designed to be repositioned or retrieved if needed. The Nanostim™ pacemaker is about the same size as a AAA battery and weighs less than... Read More

South Denver Cardiology New State-of-the-Art Life-Saving Treatments

Helping to Improve the Way the Heart Pumps South Denver Cardiology is a cutting-edge practice! The latest copy of Porter Adventist Hospital’s Vibrant magazine (page 4 and 5) features Ira Dauber, MD and Sri Sundaram, MD and their newest state-of-the-art procedures. Dr. Dauber has a new life-saving treatment for congestive heart failure, and Dr. Sundaram is one of the first physicians to implant a leadless... Read More

South Denver Has A New Cardiologist

South Denver Cardiology is proud to introduce and welcome the newest physician  joining our team of Award Winning Cardiologists. Say hello to Sean Enkiri, M.D. Dr. Enkiri started with SDCA on August 4th and is a interventional cardiologist that will eventually find himself in the Parker area. Dr. Sean Enkiri was born in Maryland and obtained his undergraduate degree in Biology at Duke University, where... Read More

Denver Cardiologists Roll Out Revolutionary Heart Disease Risk Assessment Test

 It’s important to know your risk for heart disease, which is directly correlated to the amount of plaque buildup in your arteries. Traditional methods such as CT scans are ok at doing this, but South Denver Cardiology has introduced a new and revolutionary method of assessing your risk. The Denver cardiologists call this new test the Calcium Heart Score. The test utilizes a volume computer... Read More

Joins us for the 2014 American Heart Association Heart Walk

The American Heart Association Heart Walk celebrates those who have made lifestyle changes and encourages many more to take the pledge to live healthier lifestyles while raising the dollars needed to fund life-saving research and initiatives in our local community. We need your support! Join us this year! Bring your energy, your passion and your stories… To learn more or sign up chick on the link.... Read More

Learn About the Connection Between Mind/Body and Heart Health

Listen to Susan Chandler from KZKO internet Radio as she interviews South Denver Cardiology exercise physiologist Vicki Siegel. Their in depth conversation is about the connection between mind/body practices and Heart Health! Here at the South Denver Heart Center we offer a wide variety of Mind/Body wellness activities. We have daily classes in Yoga, Yoga of the Heart, Tai Chi, and Heart Math. For more... Read More

Cardiologist Out In The Mission Field

We are very proud of all of our physicians here at SDCA as they do amazing things every day. Here is yet another example. Cardiologist Dr. Mark Sheehan, M.D. is one of the founding members of the Christian Medical Ministry to Cambodia/Jeremiah’s Hope which is a nondenominational, international, Christian mission dedicated to providing excellent medical care to the poor and quality medical education to the healthcare... Read More

South Denver Cardiology Associates, P.C. Names to the Prestigious 2014 BEST DOCTORS IN AMERICA® LIST                  Richard Collins, MD                      Ira Dauber, MD                          Richard Mathe, MD                  Karyl VanBenthuysen, MD... Read More

Proof That Taking a CPR Class is Worth The Time

There’s no doubt that CPR saves lives. Take a look at this statistic: About 92 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital. If more people knew how to perform CPR, this statistic would decrease – dramatically! CPR is easy to learn and everyone should know the basics of this life saving technique because 80 percent of all cardiac arrest happen at... Read More

Denver Cardiologist’s Recognized with Awards in 2013

2013 has been a good year as usual for the physicians of South Denver Cardiology as many have been recognized with top honors. Congratulations doctors! 2013 BEST DOCTORS IN AMERICA® Richard Collins M.D. Ira Dauber M.D. Richard Mathe M.D. Karyl VenBenthuysen M.D. 2013 Denver Magazine 5280 Top Doctors Award Sri Sundaram M.D. 2013 Peak Performers Award Ira Dauber M.D. See the full list here: