Staying Fit Tips

pool workout

Getting a Workout in the Pool

Heart Healthy Pool Workout It’s that time of year where running every afternoon results in entirely too much sweat, but taking to the treadmill in the gym seems like such a shame with the beautiful Colorado summer weather. So when it’s time to get your cardio on in the dog days of the season, where do you turn? If you’ve never tried a pool workout,... Read More

14er Training: Getting in Shape

Summer is upon us in the Rocky Mountains, which means those stunningly high peaks are starting to call our names once again. Home to an impressive number of 14,000-foot summits, Colorado is great for the adventure-minded and those who want to push themselves physically. As wonderful an experience as making it to the top of can be, it requires good 14er training with serious fitness... Read More

Get Ready for the Heart Walk

Heart Walk 2017 is Here! June 10th is fast approaching! Which means it is time for the annual Heart Walk with the American Heart Association . The walk will take place at Denver’s Mile High Stadium and is sure to be a good time, while also helping battle and reverse heart disease and stroke. If you are walking, thank you and we are very happy you... Read More

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Another new year is now upon us. And, if you are like a lot of people, you may have made a New Year’s Resolution or two. And, more than likely, some of those may have to do with your health. In fact, the vast majority of resolutions are around leading a healthier lifestyle or losing weight. As your heart doctors, we fully endorse such resolutions.... Read More

What is Tai Chi?

When it comes to what causes heart disease, we all know that staying active is important. One way to stay active is through Tai Chi. For our patients, we have found it helps them with both mind and body as it helps reduce stress, increase balance and focus.  It also increases strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning. In fact, we offer Tai Chi classes with our... Read More

Benefits of Zumba

Zumba For Heart Health

Zumba has been around awhile, but it continues to be one of the most popular exercise programs out there. In fact, here at South Denver Cardiology, we offer Zumba classes as they provide our patients a way to help lower bad cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and help keep them fit. After all, when it comes to what causes heart disease, we all know that cholesterol,... Read More

Strength building exercises without equipment - South Denver Cardiology

Strength Building Exercises Without Equipment

As your leading Denver heart doctor group, you will always hear us stressing to patients the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Those are the best ways to keep you heart healthy and stave off heart disease. Part of a good exercise program incorporates strength building. Today we will show your some strength building exercises without equipment that you can do at home. You will... Read More

Fitness Tracker Benefits

Fitness Tracker Benefits: The What and Why

As you know, keeping fit is part of keeping your heart and cardiovascular system healthy. Our Denver heart doctors highly recommend diet and exercise to our patients and setting up individual physical goals. To that end, you may have heard or read about fitness trackers. You may even have friends or family that wear them. But, you could be wondering what exactly they are used... Read More

Great winter workout tips - South Denver Cardiology

Great Winter Workout Tips

Keeping fit and active is always a little more difficult in the winter. In fact, a survey of 5,000 people found that 30% get no exercise at all in the winter. Even in Colorado where we have access to plenty of winter activities, the idea of winter workouts makes many want to run and duck under the covers. But as your Denver cardiology team of... Read More

Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays - South Denver Cardiology

Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

For many people, staying fit during the holidays can be a real challenge. Not only does it become colder and wetter outside, but it becomes more delicious inside, with big holiday meals abound. Some people even go as far as giving up on fitness during this time, postponing exercise until the time for New Year’s Resolutions. But South Denver Cardiology knows that you don’t have... Read More