Staying Fit Tips

South Denver Cardiology Weighs In: The Pros and Cons of Running on that Treadmill

Many of us want to be a little fitter. Whether in the pursuit of a slimmer physique, a more active lifestyle, or a healthier future, exercise is a great way to improve yourself and your health! However, exercise can be time-consuming and difficult, so you want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your workout. Running is one of the most straightforward... Read More

Denver Cardiologists Recommend Playing Ultimate Frisbee

Denver cardiologists, or any cardiologists really, want to see their patients try and become more active. One of the ways this tends to get accomplished is by joining a recreational team and playing competitively, which motivates many people to work hard in order to win. Some people play football or basketball, but there are a plethora of other team sports that are just as engaging... Read More

South Denver Cardiology Explains the Importance of Proper Clothes For Exercise

At South Denver Cardiology, we try to emphasize the advantage for your heart health by exercising three to four times a week. Unfortunately, many people will exercise with inappropriate clothes, which can inhibit if not negate the positive effects of your workout in some cases. What you wear is very important, especially if your exercise routine requires you to be outside. If you wear too... Read More

Denver Cardiologists Recommend Spinning for Better Heart Health

It’s no secret that there is a strong connection between good exercise and good heart health, but there are so many different types of exercises out there. Our Denver cardiologists understand that some are less enjoyable than others, and some are less effective at promoting good heart health than others. Running and cycling have often been touted to be the best forms of cardiovascular activity... Read More

Cardiologists List Five Hiking Destinations in Colorado

At South Denver Cardiology, we couldn’t be more excited for the warmer weather. Warmer weather means more opportunities to go hiking, and this is without a doubt the state for hiking. We couldn’t possibly list every single hiking opportunity in this great state, but there are a few we think everybody should check out, especially new residents. 1 – Mount Bierstadt – Located about an... Read More

Cardiologists Explain How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight

We get it, trying to fit in time to exercise on a regular basis as advised by your cardiologist is difficult. Between work, a family, and everything else in life, finding that single hour to go to the gym just seems impossible. But there are ways you can manage your weight while still keeping your daily routine. The truth is, even just walking on a... Read More

Make Your Cardiologist Happy and Get The House Work Done At The Same Time

Life is busy, we understand that. You have an abundance of responsibilities every day; both to your own health and to the people around you. So the question is: How do you meet all your responsibilities with so little spare time? It’s simple, attempt to double dip, so to speak. In a person’s older years, a cardiologist will begin to worry about that person’s heart... Read More

Your Favorite Heart Doctor Explains the Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

The Heart Doctors at South Denver Cardiology is always happy to hear when our patients are involved in any team sport. Team sports are a great way to have fun, be sociable and best of all, be active in a cardiovascular activity. Basketball is no different, and the physical benefits of playing basketball are well documented. First and foremost, consider what is involved in a... Read More

Denver Cardiologists Reminds You to Keep Warm When Exercising Outside

As the classic song goes, “Baby, it’s cold outside.”, and that means taking precautions against the impeding frigid weather. Even so, it can be frustrating to resort to a treadmill during the winter months to get your cardiovascular workout in. Fortunately, the Denver cardiologists at South Denver Cardiology have the solution. For a happy, healthy heart, cardiovascular activity is vital. Instead of hanging the sneakers... Read More

Denver Cardiologist Tips: Isometrics for a Chiseled Core

It can be frustrating to go to the movies and see those actors with rock hard abs being glorified on the big screen. Chances are, you’ve been trying your whole life to have Brad Pitt’s abs, but it doesn’t seem to happen. Fortunately, your favorite Denver cardiologists know that getting Brad Pitt’s abs isn’t an exclusive secret. There is a type of strength training called... Read More