Seminar / Class Handouts

This page contains the PowerPoint presentations that will be used in upcoming nutrition lectures and support group lectures.

PowerPoints for Nutrition Lectures

Be Carb Smart!
Prevent Portion Distortion
Coping Food and Emotions by, Darcy Holladay MA,LPC
Food Politics
Jumpstart Your Metabolism
What’s In Your Food
Eating to Ease Arthritis
Eating for Satiety
Holiday Eating 2014
Mediterranean Diet Lone Tree
Probiotics It’s All About the Gut
Top 20 Functional Foods
Resistant Starch
Brain Food
Healthy Bowels Healthy YOU!
Science of Appetite
Guard Your Gut!
Eating Out On-The-Go
The Latest Research on Fats and Cholesterol
Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out!
Spice Rack Medicine 2
Food Safety Grilling
Mind Diet
Foods and Supplements to Lower Cholesterol
Get The Skinny on Trans Fats
Eating to Ease Arthritis
Volumetrics More Food Less Calories
Jumpstart Your Metabolism
Eating to Prevent Cancer
Boost Your Energy
Heart disease reversal diets
After the holidays – back on track
Slow Down the Aging Process – 2/3/16
Nitric Oxide Presentation – 2/24/16
BRAIN FITNESS 1 – 3/16/16
Food Medication Interactions-3-30-16
Sugar, Fat, Salt– 4/13/16
After Winter Detox 4/27/16
Eating Out On-The-Go 5/4/16
EVOO Presentation Heart Center  5/11/16
BRAIN FITNESS 2– 5/18/16
Chemical Cuisine  5/25/16
Good skin diet  6/1/16
Probiotics It’s All About the Gut  6/7/16
VIDEO-Guest speaker, NBC’s Biggest Loser Finalist Joe Ostaszewski  6/22/16
A Look at Fluids 6/29/16
12-steps-to-vibrant-health 10/5/16
laugh-your-way-to-health 10/19/16
Feed Your Brain-to Overcome Addictive Disorders-Christina-Veselak 11/2/16
crucial-amino-acids-in-support-of-sobriety-and-emotional-wellness – Hand out 11/2/16
Super-Seeds 11/30/16
Holiday eating-2016 – 12/7/16
Mind Diet-1/11/17
Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out!-1/18/17
Heart disease reversal diets-1/25/17
Prevent Portion Distortion power point 2/8/17
Eating to Ease Arthritis 2/15/17
Mind over matter Think yourself well 2/22/17



Dr. Collins Cooking 101-South Metro Denver Chamber
Cooking 101 in The Kitchen Dr Collins 3/8/17


PowerPoints for Monthly Classes

Anticoagulation Basics
Expanded Lipid Panel-Berkeley
Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes -new
Cholesterol and Your Heart
Hearty Failure Presentation

PowerPoints for Support Group

Pantry Basics for ICD Support Group
AICD Support Group 2/21/2014
Dr. Oz Personality Quiz 2014

 Power Points for Community Outreach

Atrial Fibrillation for Community
Is Your Kitchen as Good as a Statin
50 & Better Together_Inflammation


Review handouts from past South Denver Cardiology Associates classes.