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Video House Calls FAQ’s

Video House Calls FAQ’s

Do I have to change my appointment to a Video House Call?
    • We strongly prefer that follow up visits, for stable patients, be conducted via Video House Calls – to minimize your risk
    • In-office appointments will be available if:
    • You do not have the capability for video conferencing


  • If you have an active or new cardiac symptom


  • You are not actively ill or experienced COVID-19 symptoms within the last 72 hours.


Who will I see for my Video House Call?
    • You will see the provider(s) with whom your appointment was initially scheduled
How will this work with my insurance?
    • Your insurance will treat this exactly like a regular appointment at our office
How will this work with my billing?
    • This will be billed the same as a regular, in-office appointment
    • You will receive a phone call from our check-in staff about 15 minutes prior to your appointment to collect your insurance information and co-pay. Please have your insurance card with you and your credit card so that we can collect your co-pay at that time.
How does this compare to physically seeing my provider?
    • We can tell a lot by seeing you and talking with you. This allows us to continue your care without you risking unnecessary physical exposure.
What about the physical part of my exam?
    • Obviously, there are some physical aspects of your exam which we are not able to conduct during this type of appointment
    • However, if you happen to have the following at home (not required!), we can use this information: Please obtain any measurements below prior to your appointment.
      • Scale – we can record your weight
      • Blood Pressure Machine – we can record your blood pressure
      • Pulse Oximeter – we can record your blood oxygen level and heart rate
      • Thermometer – we can record your temperature
Will I be able to renew my medications?
      • Yes, based on your consultation
        *Please have all of your medications ready for review. 
What if I need additional tests?
      • We will perform diagnostic testing as appropriate.
What if I need a test,  procedure, or next appointment? 
      • If the procedure is considered “urgent,” there is no delay in scheduling. If elective, it may be delayed until an appropriate time.
      • If any tests or procedures are ordered by your provider, our check-out staff will call after your Video House Call to schedule these tests.
Do I have the right internet connection?
      • This service works with almost any internet connection.
Do I have the right device for video conferencing?
      • Most laptops manufactured in the past ten years have built-in cameras
      • Most smartphones and tablets also have a camera for video calling
      • If you do not have a laptop computer, tablet, iPad, or smartphone (iPhone or Android), you can also use your desktop computer if it has a camera for video conferencing.
      • Within 24-48 hours before your Video House Call Appointment, Test your video compatibility here,
Do I have the technical ability?
      • If you can click on a link in an email, you should be all set.
How long will this take?
      • You should allow 30 minutes for your Video House Call
What should I wear?
      • You can wear whatever you’d like
Is this just for the COVID-19 time, or is this forever?
      • We will return to regular, in-office appointments as prudence allows
What if I have additional questions about Video House Calls?
      • Please give us a call at (303-703-2052)– for our Video House Call Support.
What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Click here to visit the CDC website on what the symptoms are of COVID-19.